fried chicken

Best way to enjoy Fantastic Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is most perfect food in summer. However, it got the bad name because of the fats present in the fried chicken which is assumed to be heavy fat and calories.

But fortunately, we got alternative ways to eat chicken without concern about fats and
calorie alternative fried chickens are usually very low in calorie and also delicious

However, these are the few ways to enjoy fried chicken

pan fried chicken

Pan fried chicken is a good way to eat chicken while getting only half calories than normal
fried chickens. Also, very delicious plus great way to reduce calorie intake also reduces
saturated fat more than 90 percent.

Oven fried chicken

Oven fried chicken is very delicious and its even fantastic when combined with honey mustard sauce. It’s also excellent with hot sauce

skillet fried chicken

If you like comfort food you can try skillet fried chicken. There is no need to deep fry this all because
to make it juicy and crispy.

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